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PatrolEyes DV10 Pro WiFi Police Camera FAQs and Manuals

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  1. My camera will not connect to cam manager!
    • Make sure both the green LED is on when the camera is connected to your computer and most importantly do not move any files out of the cam manager folder. If you would like to create a desktop shortcut, right click on cammanager.exe and select "Create shortcut". Then drag and drop the shortcut you just created to your desktop.

  2. My camera is not turning on or holding a charge and I've already pressed the reset button!
    • Plug your camera into a wall charger and take note of the status of the blue light. If the blue light is solid but the camera still will not hold a charge, the battery will need to be replaced. If the blue light does not come on or starts to flicker or is constantly flickering, please contact us.

  3. How do I view the files I have recorded?
    • You can view the files directly on the smartphone app through the camera's built-in WiFi, or you can view and download files through the Camera Management Software while connected to the PC via USB cable.

  4. Can the lights on the top of the unit be turned off?
    • Yes, while connected to PC, the LED lights can be turned off in the camera management software or you can press the stealth/photo button to enable this mode.

  5. What is the difference between high, medium and low in the video quality menu option?
    • High, medium and low are referring to the bitrate of the video. The higher the bitrate the higher the video quality. If you want to get the most battery life, setting the video quality to low will allow you to get up to 1 hour of extra battery life in certain modes.
  6. Does audio record with the video in pre-event recording mode?

    • Yes, audio and video are both recorded while in this mode but audio can be disabled.

  7. Do you have extended warranties available?

    • Yes, the camera does come with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and we do offer 2-4 year warranty options as well. Please contact us for pricing.